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Valeriia's™- Beautiful Nails/Skin/Hair Internal Intake Formula

Valeriia's - Beautiful Nails/Skin/Hair Internal Intake Formula

 This product is designed specifically to support healthy looking skin, hair and nails from the inside out by providing the nutrients your body needs to build and rejuvenate itself.

Cysteine is present in alpha-keratin, the chief protein constituent of the fingernails, toenails, skin, and hair. Cysteine aids in the production of collagen and promotes the proper elasticity and texture of the skin. It is also found in a variety of other proteins in the body, including several of the digestive system.

People who have diabetes should be cautious about taking supplemental cysteine because it is capable of inactivating insulin. Persons with cystinuria, a rare genetic condition that leads to the formation of cystine kidney stones, should not take cysteine. Cysteine also assists in the supply of insulin to the pancreas, which is needed for the assimilation of sugars and starches.

There are no reports of overdosage in those taking L-cysteine supplements.

Vitamin A - helps to prevent dryness, plays a role in controlling overproduction of sebum, the root cause of acne.

Vitamin B1 - Thiamine, or B1, is also needed for the maintenance of healthy skin. Vitamin B1- a protein builder that helps give hair shine, volume and good texture. Enhances circulation to bring nutrients to the scalp and nails.

Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin - Many of the B vitamins are required by the nails, skin, and hair for optimum strength, elasticity, and sheen. For instance riboflavin, or B2, is involved with an enzyme called glutathione reductase, which helps maintain glutathione, a key protector against free-radical damage. In addition, B2 itself has antioxidant properties. Free radicals are one of the most damaging compounds known to the body, including the skin. Free radicals can eat away the elasticity of the skin and hair, encouraging wrinkles and dull, lackluster hair. Stimulates health and growth of hair, nails, skin cells. Helps eyes by bringing oxygen to body tissues. Can help eliminate dandruff. May aid in preventing hair loss.

Vitamin B3 - Vitamin B3 - Niacin Supports healthy hair, nail and skin by aiding in digestion and improving circulation.

Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic acid is yet another water-soluble B vitamin involved with the metabolism of fats and proteins, among other nutrients. Called the "vitamin of youth and beauty," its reputation as a nutrient for hair, nails, and skin is legendary. While pantothenic deficiencies are extremely rare, clinically-induced deficiencies brought on fatigue, burning feet, and headache. Laboratory-induced pantothenic deficiencies resulted in the graying and loss of hair in rats. Pantothenic Acid helps produce full, healthy hair and stronger nails by stimulating vitamin utilization and releasing energy from food. With Folic acid, it can help to restore your hair's natural color and may aid in preventing hair loss. Vitamin B5 helps to produce natural oils, which gives hair sheen.

Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxine, or B6, is one of the most essential vitamins in the body. It is a coenzyme which participates in over sixty enzymatic reactions involved in the metabolism of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and of essential fatty acids. Therefore, this vitamin is required for the proper growth and maintenance of nearly all bodily functions. A deficiency of B6 results in an extraordinary array of symptoms, the most frequently diagnosed and well-recognized occurring in the skin and nervous system. The changes in the skin and mucous membranes are similar to those caused by other members of the water-soluble B-complex family. These include seborrheic dermatitis (most often around the nose, eyes, eyebrows and mouth), acne, cheilosis, and stomatitis (tiny sores and cracks in and around the mouth), and glossitis (inflamed tongue). Pyridoxine supports the growth of red blood cells that are important for healthy hair, scalp, and nail maintenance. Helps prevent dandruff. May aid in preventing hair loss.

Vitamin B9 - Folic acid is another B vitamin member that is essential to healthy skin, hair, and nails. As it is needed for the production of RNA and DNA, folic acid is vital to healthy cell division and replication. This attribute makes it essential for tissues that grow or regenerate rapidly, such as skin, hair, and nails, to name a few. May aid in preventing hair loss. With Pantothenic acid, may delay graying of hair.

Vitamin B12 - Insufficient intake or vitamin B12 can lead to excessive dryness, very rounded and curved ends and darkening of nails.

Biotin - Vitamin B-7-vitamin H - is another B vitamin that is heavily involved with the manufacture and utilization of amino acids and fats. Dubbed "the hair vitamin," laboratory studies have shown that a deficiency in biotin causes hair loss in rats, and that supplementation of this vitamin can promote hair growth. Oddly enough, biotin has also been used to successfully manage excessive and stubborn cowlicks in children.

Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene are the "three musketeers" that continuously come to the aid of beauty by battling and quenching free radicals before they can harm precious and vulnerable skin. Fat-soluble beta carotene, for example, migrates to the skin, where it offers not only protection from free radicals from within, but from without, as well. It enables the skin to increase its exposure time to the sun before burning. But for some people with very sensitive skin can case sun burn. Likewise, vitamin E helps prevent free radicals generated by UV rays in the skin from doing their damage. Vitamin C, in turn, recharges vitamins E and carotene, and also prevents skin damage due to UV-generated free radicals. Vitamin C supports hair and nail growth by improving circulation. Useful as treating dandruff. May aid in preventing hair loss. Vitamin C increases absorption of iron, needed to prevent weak, pale or spoon-shaped nails.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D deficiency can be a serious health problem, most notably by blocking the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, causing a chronic imbalance and bone deterioration. Helps to improve the feel and firmness of both skin and hair with repeated use.

Zinc and Selenium are two minerals that are also essential to beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Selenium has been called one of the most critical anti-aging nutrients on the planet. It is a superior antioxidant and free radical neutralizer. Zinc, an antioxidant in its own right, is also an integral part of enzyme function and tissue repair. Works with vitamin C to regenerate skin. Zinc may help to fight acne, as many people who suffer from acne have low levels of zinc. It's needed to synthesize proteins that make up skin, hair and nails.

Chromium -  is a mineral that is necessary for impaired glucose tolerance, elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, promotion of weight loss, acne, stimulates enzymes in metabolism of energy, healthy blood circulatory system, synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol and protein. Helps to reduce skin inflammation and improve glucose tolerance. Some studies indicate that glucose tolerance can be impaired in some people suffering from acne. Also helps to reduce infections of the skin. Insufficient zinc can cause development of white spots on the nails.

Iron – Iron deficiency produces hair thinning or loss. Some people don't have enough iron in their diets or may not fully absorb iron. Women who have heavy menstrual periods may develop iron deficiency. Brittle Nails - These often occur from iron deficiency, circulation problems and other problems of the body's endocrine system.

Copper – Copper plays a vital role in skin health by helping restore the skin's ability to repair itself. Copper is needed to manufacture collagen and elastin for healthy skin. A deficiency can lead to hair loss and skin sores. Copper is needed for proper iron absorption and utilization to prevent weak, pale or spoon-shaped nails. Copper deficiencies in experimental animals have reduced the pigmentation of hair.

Manganese – Manganese is an essential trace mineral needed for healthy skin, bone, and cartilage formation, as well as glucose tolerance.

Calcium - Ideal For Men And Women With: Hair / Nail Problems. Improve existing hair. Renew Lustre and Sheen. May strengthen nails. Lack of vitamin A and calcium causes dryness and brittleness.

Choline - helps to metabolize fats and oils to keep skin, hair and nails smooth and moisturized.

Inositol - is vital for hair growth. A deficiency can lead to hair loss and skin problems.

MSM - The sulfur normally provided to the body by MSM is required for healthy collagen and keratin which are essential for healthy hair, skin and nails. Healthy hair is stronger hair and hair that can achieve its natural genetic growth patterns.

Saw Palmetto – is traditionally used as a topical treatment to help improve skin and scalp conditions, maintain healthy skin and hair, combat hair loss. It is said to revitalize mature skin, to bring olive shine to the skin, to help revive hair follicles, improve hair strength, body and shine, make scalp less sensitive to stress and irritation.

Grape seed extract - may help maintain skin elasticity. Grape seed extract may be useful in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis. Its flavonoids also inhibit allergic reactions that can generate such skin problems as eczema. It is effective against fungal infections of the feet, nails and skin. Grape seed extract may promote hair growth.

Phytogenic Catalyst - everything is assembled using the exclusive phytogenic compounds that your body needs and our exclusive catalyst that makes it all work together to create a "Team Effect".

Adverse Reactions: Not to be taken if one has an known allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons (1 fl. oz.) (30 ml)

Serving Per Container: 32



per serving


Calories 8 0
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 0
Total Fat 0 g 0
Sodium 0 g 0
Protein 0 g 0
Vitamin A

4000 IU


Vitamin C

200 Mg


Vitamin E

13 IU



5 Mg



5 Mg



30 Mg


Vitamin B6

6 Mg


Folic Acid

400 Mcg


Vitamin B12

15 Mcg



200 Mcg


Pantothenic Acid

30 Mg



15 Mg



15 Mg



2 Mg



2 Mg



100 Mg


Saw Palmetto

50 Mg



150 mcg



70 mcg



50 Mg


Grape seed extract

50 mg



50 Mg


Vitamin D

100 IU



150 Mg



250 Mg


Phytogenic  Catalyst

100 mcg


Other Ingredients: purified water base, high fructose corn syrup, methylcellulose, N & A fruit punch flavor, potassium sorbate (0.1% to help maintain freshness).

* Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet

** No daily value established

Directions: Take 1 capful (2 Tablespoons) once daily with food.

* This statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drag Administration.

This products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Storage: Store at room temperature (65 - 75 F). Keep lid tightly closed. Refrigerate after opening. Protect from direct heat or light. Do not freeze.

Cautions: Keep this and all dietary supplements out of the reach of children. Use only under adult supervision. Consult physician before taking if pregnant, nursing, or suffering from any chronic medical condition requiring medication.

Adverse Reactions: Not to be taken if one has an known allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Consult physician if suffering from Phenylketonuria.

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Valeriia's Natural Beauty Product Sample Pack 

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